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Chuppah Ceremony

Press Coverage

Betsy Robinson Bridal Boutique featured Patricia Bennett in a beautifully-written blog post published March 16, 2015 on, authored by Lindsey Satterfield.

The blog post is a question answer format about Patricia Bennett's process and her motivations.

A 411 Magazine article, Weddings Captured on Canvas, Live Event Painter Patricia Bennett Paints the Special Moments of the Day about Patricia Bennett's Live Event Painting appeared during Spring/Summer 2014, written by Tracey Fitzgerald.

Award-winning international video-reporter June Soh made a video piece about Patricia Bennett's Live Event Painting. It was published on Voice of America November 25, 2013. June Soh filmed Patricia as she painted at Gina D'Anna Anderson's Wedding Reception, and also filmed Patricia as she delivered the painting to the Andersons.

The video can be seen at this link: click here to see the Movie, it's two minutes, 45 seconds long.

Please note that the pricing information in the video is not current.

Also please note that Patricia Bennett had no editorial control over the video and did not pay for it.

Forget Photos, Live Events Captured on Canvas, Published on Nov 25, 2013: Wedding, birthdays and other celebrations are usually captured in photographs. However, a small but growing number of artists are capturing these events on canvas, right as they happen. VOA's June Soh reports.

A Baltimore Messenger article about Patricia Bennett's Artist in Residency at Cylburn Arboretum was published September 5, 2013, written by Larry Perl.

A Style Magazine article about Patricia Bennett's Live Event Painting appeared November 2012, written by Chelsea White, photograph by Justin Tsuculas.

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