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A Wedding Portrait.

Academy-trained fine artist Patricia Bennett painted this warm portrait from photographs that she took at the ceremony.

The bride gives the groom a sip of wine as they hold hands in front of their family and community.

Wedding Ceremony Portrait
Baltimore, MD, 2013.


The First Dance Painting

Patricia Bennett was asked to make a painting that would be a nice gift for the couple.

She used the photo of the couple's first dance, and added important family members to it, as well as their cake and some florals from their Wedding Chuppah. This painting is a combination of over fifty photographs, and also had input from their family friend.

First Dance Painting
New Jersey, 2015.


Wedding Allegory

Patricia Bennett created an allegory from photographs that show the couple's wedding day.

Depicted are the couple's Marriage ceremony, parents walking them down the aisle, the view of the lake from their Chuppah, their First Dance, the Wedding cake, the signing of the Kettubah in front of relatives, the Horah, and the Bridal Bouquet with the wedding ring in it.

This is a precious gift that will last generations.

Wedding Allegory, Long Island, New York.


A Couple Portrait

Patricia Bennett asked the couple to look at each other and photographed them just after their marriage.

Patricia used the photo to create this special portrait.

Couple Portrait


Interested in commissioning a customized wedding portrait as a gift? Please Contact Patricia Bennett, prices start at $750, time for completion typically about three weeks.

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