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Capture the memory of your special event with the latest form of entertainment that culminates in a unique one-of-a-kind work of art to cherish forever.

Academy-trained fine artist Patricia Bennett will paint an original impressionist expression of your wedding, Bar/Bat mitzvah, charity gala, family or corporate party, intimate candlelight dinner, and more.

Patricia sets up her easel on-site during the festivities where guests can watch the painting come to life as the party unfolds.

At the end of the event, you will own an original work of art that captures the memory of your special day to admire for years to come.

Wedding and Reception at Oakdene.
Wedding featured in Town and Country Magazine
Maryland, May 2022.


Dilworth Park at Philadelphia City Hall Live Wedding Painting

Patricia arrived in Philadelphia several hours before the reception and began painting City Hall while the caterers and band set up and guards shut down City Hall to visitors.

She painted through the evening, capturing the couple's first dance and specifically adding people pointed out to her by her client.

Patricia delivered the completed painting to the Wedding Brunch the next morning, a wire on the back for easy hanging.

Dilworth Park at Philadelphia City Hall Wedding Painting, 24x30"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2019


Hay-Adams Hotel Wedding and Reception Live Painting

The top floor of the Hay-Adams Hotel, called the Top of the Hay, in the heart of Washington D.C. with a clear view of the White House was the location of this classic, beautiful wedding.

The client allowed Patricia to choose what to paint. So Patricia painted their ceremony in daylight, then depicted the reception with the night view of the White House.

Unique to Patricia's style both the ceremony and reception, as well as day and night are incorporated into the same painting.

Artist license was used to leave out walls and curtains that blocked the view of the White House and to elevate the ceiling in the space.

Hay-Adams Hotel Wedding and Reception Painting, 24x36"
Washington D.C., 2018.


Opening Hunt of the De La Brooke Foxhounds W

Patricia was thrilled to paint the Opening Day of the De La Brooke Foxhounds in Southern Maryland. She even got to sit on a horse, which was a treat.

The Blessing of the Hounds is depicted in this painting, as well as the riders going off into the woods, and later eating oysters and celebrating. No foxes were hurt, the fox was not seen, but he is depicted in this painting.

A collection of Patricia's horse paintings can be seen here. She has painted several steeplechases as well as individual horse portraits.

Opening Hunt of the De La Brooke Foxhounds W
Victoria, Maryland 2018


The Grand Opening of the Sagamore Pendry, one of Baltimore's Premiere Hotels.

Stephanie Bradshaw and her event team with Flowers and Fancies created out-of-this world displays which Patricia carefully included in the painting along with V.I.P. guests.

Patricia painted the ballroom, then added the guests to the painting as they arrived.

Grand Opening of the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore
Baltimore, MD 2017.


Painted on a lovely farm in Monkton, Maryland.

Patricia visited the farm in advance and was given a tour of the space.

She pondered how to capture the special aspects of the event, an important tree and bridge, the incredible florals, and more.

Wedding Reception at Merriefield Farm
Monkton, Maryland May 2018.


Painted Live at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Patricia set up her easel in the dining room and painted the Wedding Reception and view from the large bay windows.

Wedding and Reception at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Kent Island, Maryland, 2018.


Patricia painted this at Sagamore Farm.

Stephanie Bradshaw and Rachel Avara were the event planners and Flowers and Fancies created the striking floral arrangements.

The bride's favorite champagne is Veuve Cliquot, a bottle of which is on the bar.

Sagamore Farm Wedding Reception


Fundraiser for Historic Annapolis by the Paca Girlfriends, Third time painting!

There were dozens of ladies in bright patterned dresses with umbrellas.

The rain did not dampen the party!

Fundraiser for Historic Annapolis, 24x30"
William Paca House and Gardens, Annapolis, Maryland 2018.


Special Party Painting at Simply Beautiful Flowers

Simply Beautiful Flowers is a high-end floral designer and shop located in Baltimore County.

This painting is on display in the store.


Simply Beautiful Flowers Party, 24x30"
Maryland, 2018.


Both the ceremony with Huppa, and the reception were captured together in the painting, as well as the bride's mother adjusting her veil, the Horah, the cutting of the cake, first dance, and signing of the Kettubah.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception
Belvedere Hotel, Baltimore, MD, 2018.


Winslow Wedding Reception
Baltimore, Maryland, October 2018.


Amazing Corporate Party planned by Stephanie Bradshaw at Baltimore's Sagamore Pendry Hotel. Notice the stilt walker and ballet dancers.

Corporate Holiday Party at the Sagamore Pendry Hotel
The Sagamore Pendry Hotel, Baltimore, MD, December 2017.


...The painting captures the entire can really see all of our friends and family, my husband and I, and the happiness we all felt together. That's what makes it so special.  -   The Bride

Wedding Reception
The Four Seasons Hotel, Baltimore, MD, August 2012.


Dear Patricia, It was such a pleasure to watch you work and capture the essence of the event -- thank you for being part of such a memorable evening. The guests were delighted to watch you in action!

  -   Jennifer Grove, President and Creative Director of Sky Blue Events

Underground Tasting Dinner, sponsored by Chanel
The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Baltimore, MD, June 2012.


...what a fantastic memorialization it is! As an Art History major at Johns Hopkins, I can particularly appreciate your depiction of the Solstice in the City porch party. And equally impressive is how you were able to paint the scene en plein air with the heat index in the mid to upper 90s!

  -   Justin Batoff, founder of The Old Line Society

Summer Solstice Celebration
Cylburn Arboretum Association and Old Line Society, June 2012.


An over life-sized image of this painting was on display at the Maryland State Fair, 2012 and 2013, to promote Community Gardening in the City.

Eric Waller Community Vegetable Garden



Sunday Farmers Market
Under I-83.


Testimonial from Affluent Bride Magazine

As an exclusive online resource guide for luxury weddings,
we can't say enough about (Patricia Bennett's) artistic signature as a live event painter.
Simply stunning!

Brenda Lopez
CEO & Founder
Affluent Bride Magazine

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